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Our team is comprised of a diverse group of talented, passionate, and driven professionals with experiences within both local and national home builders. We understand what is important to home builders and offer an array of services intended to improve efficiency and save time and money. Our services include:

Managed Contingency Program/Preferred Lender Program

The sale of your customer’s new home is a major impediment on the construction of their new home. Since we uniquely understand the needs of builders, we’ve designed a program that will facilitate the sale of your customer’s existing home. Timely communication, efficient processing, and outstanding service are hallmarks of the program.

Sales and Marketing Support

Our extensive background in residential sales management uniquely qualifies us to help improve sales performance and competitive market positioning. We can customize an evaluation of every facet of your sales program. We can also focus on increasing the absorption rate at a challenging community. Services include community sales audits, competitive market analysis, sales staffing and management, and customer mystery shops.

Mortgage and Settlement Administration

We utilize state of the art technology in our customer management system to take responsibility from sale to settlement. Our established relationships with qualified and competitive mortgage and settlement agencies reduce administrative and sales representative involvement while consistently delivering timely settlements. Our unique system allow builders to reduce labor costs and focus on other critical aspects of their business.

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Valley Forge Real Estate has the knowledge, tools, and experience to facilitate a seamless transaction while striving to exceed our customer’s expectations. Our genuine commitment to customer service, and our ability to achieve your goals are unparalleled. We want the responsibility of taking care of your home and to help fulfill all your real estate needs.

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